The Ishethra International Residential School is located in an ideal place occupying a vast area of 56 acres. The main structure of the school is designed in the form of SRI CHAKRA and each block is designed in an arc shape. Ishethra has another unique geometrical shape in the campus, a Pyramid with quadrilateral base


Structure of the Building determines the physical and spiritual development.

High ceiling & spacious living places accommodated great emperors & rulers. Knowing the ancient history, Ishethra building is designed in such a way

  • Ethnic and spacious classrooms of about 1000 sq.ft
  • High ceiling of 14 ft
  • Six windows of 6 x 4 ft & 4 ft wide ventilators for the effective use of natural light and air, in every class room.
  • Two wide doors for safety.
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A library is an important source of knowledge to young minds in schools. It allows the students to go beyond what is being taught in the class room.

ISHETHRA has world class, well stacked library which caters need of readers of all age group.

  • Spacious library of about 1000 sq.ft 19 racks with 4 rows of books
  • Books on various topics from short stories to classical novels
  • Different branches of science, history, politics, arts, languages, Spiritual etc.
  • Flexible timings to use the library

Our school houses about 4000 editions of books in English, Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit & French languages on Literature, World Atlas , Mathematics , Science & Technology, History ,Geography, Encyclopaedia, Children’s books, Autobiography & Biography, Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly magazines and Daily News papers

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Practical education and application is the core of education.

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Digital labs in 2000 sq.ft area.
  • Equipped as per norms of the Government and the Board.
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Power Sources

The sources and utilization of power is one of the indicators to judge the commitment of an organization towards Environment. ‘Energy saved is energy produced’.

In ISHETHRA effective utilization of power is maintained. It is ensured by …

  • Hybrid power source system.
  • Effective utilization of bio-waste by producing bio-gas
  • Solar energy power system
  • Conventional power system
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The body which works hard under sunlight stays healthy forever. Due to the availability of vast playground, ISHETHRA offers variety of sports and games included in the list of School Games Federation of India.

  • 8 acres of land is allotted for playground.
  • Vast playground with space for 800mts athletic track & field events.
  • Separate space for foot ball, basket ball, volleyball, tennis etc.
  • Two hours a day is allotted for Physical education
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  • Traditional food and method of eating makes us healthy.
  • Clean Traditional dining hall.
  • Students sit on the floor on Natural mats.
  • Children know the value of labour in every handful of food.
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  • Sounds sleep makes everyday a new & successful one.
  • Sleep refreshes our body and mind..
  • Spacious room with tier system cot
  • Natural coconut fiber bed, Silk cotton pillows & mild coloured beddings
  • Natural breeze lulls the children who begin and end the day with prayer to Parents, Guru and God.
  • Separate cupboards for each student.
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Swimming Pool

  • Swimming gives confidence & self-control to the children
  • Separate pools for children & Adults with standard depth.
  • Separate restrooms for boys & girls.
  • Protected from the vision of outsiders with high compound wall.
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Eco friendly Infrastructure

Self-sustain campus towards Self-sustain Nation

  • Rain water Harvesting
  • Solar Power
  • Cattle Rearing
  • Bio gas
  • Farming
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Other Facilities

Comfortable Environment is the main schedule in the constitution of education..

  • Children are accommodated in the Dormitory with cot, cupboard, coconut coir bed , Silk Cotton pillows and Beddings are provided by the school.
  • Every Dormitory has a Care Taker.
  • All the stationery is provided by the school
  • Laundry is done by the regular helpers and washer man. Also, the school teaches children from Class 4 to practice laundry.
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The name ISHETHRA is an acronym of International School for Holistic Education through Traditional, Historical and Realistic Approach.

Our Contacts

Pungambadi Village,
Aravakurichi – 639201,
Karur District, Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone : +91 6381173176 ,
             +91 6385573176
Email: ishethra@gmail.com