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Gyanodhayam Education Trust was founded devotedly to enlighten humanity through individual transformation. Guided by our founder Jai Guruji , the trust office performs various programmes to attain holistic healthy-life style, spirituality, yoga and self-discipline to fulfil the purpose of life.

The formation of a socially committed and dedicated generation should start from the childhood. Children are the future society to make this true Jai Guruji established Ishethra International Residential School in 2012.

Exposing the holistic way of life by giving importance to Arts, Science, Moral values Spirituality and incorporating with ICSE syllabus in an ancient Gurukula way of teaching.


The name ISHETHRA is an acronym of International School for Holistic Education through Traditional, Historical and Realistic Approach.

Our Contacts

Pungambadi Village,
Aravakurichi – 639201,
Karur District, Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone : +91 6381173176 ,
             +91 6385573176